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your online dating profile -
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couple - internet datingIt's not only you that has high expectations of your online dating; others will almost certainly share these feelings.

And if you meet in person, you'll ruin any chance of making a good impression if you give out the wrong idea from the start.


Which means, of course, getting your profile just right.

This might sound obvious, but it's surprising how often this basic rule is broken. Many internet daters claim they're frequently 'disappointed' with dates, most often due to inconsistencies in information they've been given and particularly, personal appearance.

The fact that a profile is there to attract other members is, unfortunately, all part of the problem.

So many people feel the need to 'sell themselves' that their tactics amount to falsehood. It's not uncommon for members of dating sites to lie about their age, height, weight or even upload completely inaccurate photos.

With so much pressure on us all to look perfect, it's not completely surprising that this happens, but anyone you meet will quickly see through such obvious half-truths.

They'll feel deceived, disappointed, and almost certainly decide not to take things any further. 'Embroidering' a profile just doesn't make any long-term sense.

keep it real

In fact, the best way to improve your chances of actually impressing a date is to play down your profile, or at least, certainly not exaggerate it.

Your picture is the main focus for almost all dating site users so it's really important to get this right.

And no - this doesn't mean choosing a shot that makes you look like a movie star if, usually, you simply don't. Or a photo taken 6 years ago when you had more hair, weren't gray or looked - well - 6 years younger.

Using realistic, warts and all images on a profile is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially if you don't find such photos flattering or attractive.

But if you're serious about actually meeting people, they'll see the 'real' you eventually. Don't imagine you'll be able to make up for white lies with charm; if you disappoint a date right from the start you simply won't get that opportunity.

In fact, the best approach is to use images that don't quite show you at your best so that any eventual meeting is bound to impress.

Or if you can't quite bring yourself to do this, at least combine some fairly ordinary shots along with better ones.

Keep any information truthful as well. Inches added to your height or removed from your waistline won't go unnoticed.

And by the same token, biographical details that are written purely to impress will unravel eventually. So don't give the impression that you work "in the media" if in fact you deliver newspapers.

If you're not sure what to write, just stick to the facts - particularly the kind of things you enjoy doing.

What if no one ever contacts me?

This is probably the fear that leads many people to exaggerate or even lie on their profiles.

But by being completely open and honest, your dates, when they happen, are more likely to be enjoyable occasions - you won't feel as if you've anything to hide and can relax by just being yourself.

And as for NOT being chosen - that's unlikely to happen. Sure, many people who start online dating will initially go for types that look like super-models and sound completely fabulous.

But since quite a few of these will be indulging in exactly the kind of subterfuge we've described, serious daters will soon start to approach other members with a lot more care.

In fact, as online dating becomes more established and members become increasingly aware of potential pitfalls, it seems that obviously 'real' people increasingly enjoy more success. Too many have been stung by 'empty promise profiles' to continually make the same mistakes.

So just be yourself and see what happens. After all, yourself, flaws and all, is ultimately what's on offer, and you're looking for a special someone who fully appreciates the special you.

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